In this short course, we discuss the mindset behind good customer service, and how that mindset affects every customer interaction. Learn to exceed your customer's expectations!

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About the instructor

Quest Giver

Deborah Wilson Taylor

Deborah's wide array of skills including online marketing, chainmaille, bench jewelry, and product photography make her uniquely qualified to teach complex courses that integrate more than one topic. Her desire is to help the world's untrained artists learn to produce their best works and find success and sustainability for themselves."I hope to make your life a bit more magical, through hard work and perspiration." ✨

Course Curriculum

  • 2

    The Right Mindset

  • 3

    Let's Get Specific

    • Cancellations, Returns, and Refunds

    • Free Shipping

    • Tracking Information

    • Prompt Responses

  • 4

    Wrapping Up

    • Homework: Customer Service for Artisans

    • Congratulations! 🎉

On a budget?

Subscribe to all courses for just $15/mo!