Facebook for Artisans

Learn how to promote your handmade art business on Facebook.

This course is designed for the beginner to intermediate Facebook user, who is wanting to use Facebook to gain exposure for their handmade art business. Some topics we will cover include:

  • What a Facebook Page is, and how it is different from a personal profile.
  • The importance of a good Facebook Page.
  • Facebook's algorithm and how it affects your Page.
  • Create algorithm-friendly posts.
  • Gain authentic Likes.
  • Cultivate a responsive fan base.
  • And more!

According to Hootsuite, a whopping 68% of Americans use Facebook, which is nearly double the 35% that use Instagram. And, 78% of American consumers have discovered retail products to buy on Facebook. Facebook, with its over 2 billion monthly users, is a powerful online tool for reaching potential customers, and for staying in contact with the customers you already have. While Instagram is certainly trendier for artists right now, it would be a huge missed opportunity to ignore the massive audience available through Facebook. In this course, we will learn how to create a high-quality facebook presence, and discover ways to cut through the noise of the massive amount of content that Facebook users put out every day. Let's get started!

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Deborah Wilson Taylor
Deborah Wilson Taylor
Quest Giver

About the instructor

Deborah's wide array of skills including online marketing, chainmaille, bench jewelry, and product photography make her uniquely qualified to teach complex courses that integrate more than one topic. Her desire is to help the world's untrained artists learn to produce their best works and find success and sustainability for themselves.

"I hope to make your life a bit more magical, through hard work and perspiration." ✨

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