The Artisan Academy

Deborah Wilson Taylor

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Etsy for Artisans

Learn how to create an Etsy shop for your handmade art business.


Facebook for Artisans

Learn how to use Facebook to promote your handmade art business.


Pinterest for Artisans

Learn the basics of Pinterest, and how to use it to promote your art business.


Instagram for Artisans

Learn how to use Instagram to promote your handmade art business.


Branding for Artisans

Learn how to create a brand for your art business that is inspired by YOU!


Fusing Argentium Silver Chainmaille

Designed for the intermediate chainmailler who has no bench jewelry experience.


Welding Chainmaille

Learn the to weld your chainmaille using The Ring Lord's Jewelry Welder. Designed specifically for Argentium Silver, but welding skills are also applicable to stainless steel, titanium, sterling and fine silver, gold-filled, brass, and more!


Argentium Silversmithing, Lesson 1: Forging

Learn the basics of cold forging Argentium Silver. Designed for the aspiring Argentium Silversmith who has little or no experience in jewelry making.


Creating Handmade Ear Wires

Whether you are just beginning your handmade jewelry journey, or are a seasoned bench veteran, making your own handmade ear wires for your earrings is a great way to elevate your jewelry.


Oxidizing Argentium Silver

Learn to add an oxidized finish to your Argentium Silver jewelry, using liver of sulfur patina gel.


Mindset for Artisans

A course of helpful tips and ideas for improving your mindset as an artisan.